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Chili Cook Off


Let the chili cook off commence! The competitors - some very talented resident cooks.  The judges - some very hungry residents with a particular appetite for chili.  The grand prize - a brand new Apple watch!

The Century Hub was lined with crockpots filled with homemade chili. We stocked the fridge, provided the toppings and let each chili creation shine!

Residents tasted each chili and exchanged their thoughts. The overall consensus was easy, each chili was unique and delicious. This made the voting  process the real challenge.

After much deliberation and a recount for good measure, chili #2 was declared the winner! Residents enjoyed the extra kick in this spicy, smoky chili. The creator of chili #2, Jack (now known as The Century Chili Cook Off Champion) was thrilled with the outcome…and his brand new Apple watch. But everyone left the cook off in good spirits, happy and full of amazing chili.

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